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July 6, 2010
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UH: Cielo Updates by paininja UH: Cielo Updates by paininja
Talking with ~Tesuway-chan yesterday inspired me ;u;
And so I revamped him without having the plan in mind xD
I really love how he came out ~
New outfit though! And a year older >3<
Better information than when I was a noob \D;;

Name: Jonathan-Michael Lestion
Age: 18
Sex Male
Height 6'1"
Weight 142
Alias: Cielo

Due to the morph with his ghost, he has the ability to wield shadows, bending them to his very will. By giving the shadows matter, Cielo can turn them into any sort of weapon or give them a hive mind, where they will only follow his orders. However, after every use that cannot last longer than five minutes at a time, Cielo is worn out and needs two minutes to recuperate, making him vulnerable.


Jonathan is the youngest child of a single mother, living with her and two older sisters. At the time of his birth, she had lost her job because the company had gone into debt, and only with the help of his older sisters, were they able to survive. Determined to never live on short money again, Jonathanís mother found herself a job as a scientist. They gave her a home which included a lab so she could work on the clock within the comfort of her house.

The happiness was short lived; there was a mishap with the use of chemicals. Jon had been in the room at the time, watching his mother with curious eyes. The explosion caused by this would forever scar Jon and leave his mother tormented for the rest of her life as she watched her son suffer of something she couldnít cure, no matter the procedures they tried to perform. Jon had been blinded in one eye and had his vision severely messed up in the other one.

Despite this, Jon found a way to move on, making friends in the oddest of places. His near death experience brought him the ability to sense the supernatural. Because he couldnít see the gaping wounds or sadness of the many ghosts he spoke with, it was an easy task for him. In order to keep up with everyone on the other side, heíd visit the cemetery at least once a week.

These visits became longer as the year went by. Jon would turn 13 the month November and he had yet to walk too deep into the cemetery. However, it was a time where curiosity was beginning to get the better of him, and one day, he wandered so deep in, not even the moon could light his path back. Frustrated, he sat on a headstone, asking for forgiveness because he was tired and had no where else to sit. Instead of the pleasant response heíd usually receive, Jon instead received a shove and he tumbled to the floor. A kid his age popped up in front of him, calling him names and taunting him.

Jonís patience was too much. Eventually, he got the spirit to calm down and learned that itís name was Cielo. They quickly became close friends and as Cielo learned of Jonís disabilities and Jon of Cieloís past, they both yearned to help one another. A day came where Jonís mother couldnít take it anymore, and she decided to pack everything up and move. But unable to part with his friend, Jon made a pact with the ghost, offering him his body for the vision that Jon had lost.

The decision mutual, they merged and Cielo took possession of Jonís subconscious, and in return, Jon could see again. The miracle had them both blown away, shocked at the strength of two souls in one body - but this came with a side effect. The chemicals that forever stained Jonís being and the merging of ectoplasma caused a reaction. They accidentally found out Jonís body was capable of pulling shadows to his very whim when he tripped over Cieloís very headstone and was caught by a soft black blanket created by the shadows surrounding him. Again surprised, Jon went home to tell his mother the news and instead found her collapsed on the floor, killed by a heart attack.

Alone and weary, Jon searched for a place he could call home. He eventually came upon the underground heroes, suggested to him by a couple of phantoms who haunted a place not too far away. Grateful, he took his spot there and took on Cieloís name as his alias, hoping that it Cielo would feel honored.

Jon is a quiet character at first, shy with new people. However, as time passes, he becomes more open hearted and friendly, hoping to make a good, long lasting impression on people. Heís a very positive character who demands to look only forward. He doesnít really care about finding the good in people because he feels like there is never really a way to distinguish - rather, he is accepting of a person no matter how they may be. The only real pet peeve he has is people who take for granted their gifts or good fortune. He is emotionally and mentally unstable mainly in the way that his personality can be overridden by Cieloís, and in this time, heís rude and tends to make snide comments. Heís also louder and easily angered and never refrains from saying what he thinks. The one thing both sides have in common is their love for sweet pastries.

Cielo belongs to me <3
He's part of #Underground-Heroes

Old Version: [link]
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Hamstertastic Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2011
Are you sending this in as his new sheet or as what? o3o
paininja Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2011
Hamstertastic Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2011
oh okay! I was just wondering since you said you had a another one already and this one is old XD
paininja Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2011
Yeah it's cause I have to line it and shizzles :U too long xD
Hamstertastic Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2011
LOOOL that's fine :V I updated it and added it so ovo;
Hamstertastic Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2010
He looks younger and cuter ouo
I loved his old jacket but this looks great too 8D
I like how you did his name too~
paininja Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010
I totally know >3<
thank you!
CherryOrange Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2010
WAAAAH! Cieloooo!! *loves all over*
You've improved so much! :hug:
paininja Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010
FFFFF It's been so long right!?
Thank you! I'm attempting ;____;
torterrafreak Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
The effect on his name looks cool 8D And man, has your style changed. Improvement! \o/
I like his outfit, and the little shadow ball form of him. X3 It's cute, and the background is cool, as well. Awesome job~
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